Why use night cream?

This morning, a thought suddenly occurred to me – why do we have both day and night cream and what is the difference between the two?

Day creams tend to be lighter in comparison to its night counterpart because we run around our activities and tend to have greasier skin during the day.  Also, day creams often contain SPF to protect against the sun and its UV rays and works to protect from other air pollution.

In contrast, night creams works to  moisture, revitalize and repair the skin after exposure to stressful elements in the environment.  They are also thicker and tends to feel oilier,  but it becomes  a non-issue especially using it in the evenings at home.

What I do is try to use a day cream and night cream from the same skin care line to strengthen its effects!

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2 Responses to Why use night cream?

  1. D says:

    My girlfriend totally uses both day, night and hourly creams. Makes her skin babe smooth though.

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