Vintage Louis Vuitton

After placing my order on Beyond the Rack (BTR) two weeks ago, I finally received my vintage Louis Vuitton Petit Noe in the mail!  I paid $200 plus tax and shipping, which is reasonable considering it typically costs more with shipping on eBay and it’s currently selling at $955 new in store!

Overall, I’m pretty happy with my purchase.  The canvas was in great shape and the interior is clean. Although the colour of leather has browned with age , the condition was pretty good as there are no cracks on the string nor the strap.

The leather bottom was more scratched that I would’ve liked and it smelled pretty musty, but it can be aired it out and no one ever really sees the bottom anyways!  There’s also some green stains which can be cleaned.

I realized from the date code that my Noe is actually made in the States rather than France, but I suppose I’ll live as the craftsmanship should be the same.  My only actual issue with the bag (similar to my last vintage LV) is that it smells really musty!  With my last one, I tried to get use baking soda to absorb the smell and it worked somewhat.  It got a bit messy though, so I’m going to try febreeze and see now it goes!

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  2. Biencuta says:

    Coach purses USED to be made in the US of high qiltuay saddle-grade leather (the kind they made horse saddles from) with really heavy brass fittings and extra heavy zippers that never broke! You could NOT get any better or more durable purse anywhere. Not anymore. My old Coach purse puts the new ones to shame there is no resemblance whatsoever to the REAL Coach purses previously manufactured in the US.Today, most leather in both shoes and purses is coming from China courtesy of prison labor regardless of the cost although a few designer bags are made of high qiltuay Italian leather, like Chanel’s. Vitton-from the US and Spain, althougth the leather can be coming from elsewhere. Got a Gucci not worth it. The expense of having a high-end purse USED to be worth the money-but today, save your money and invest it in something that is actually worth the price you are paying.

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