The Face Shop Oil Cut Dual BB Emulsion Review

I recently got the Face Shop Face it Oil Cut Dual BB Emulsion, a BB cream with SPF20.  I’d asked a friend going to Hong Kong to bring me back BB Cream from there, though I didn’t realize til after that the Face Shop actually has 18 BB creams listed on their website depending on your skin type and what you’re looking for!

It is a lot cheaper than Missha, retailing at around $20 USD for 40 ml.  From its online description, the Oil Cut Dual BB Cream can be used by all skin types, but it targets those particularly with black heads and pores.

What’s interesting about it is that in addition to the BB cream itself,  it includes a small concealer within the cap for added coverage for skin imperfections.

The Good

It blends well as a BB cream and the colour after it oxidises is very flattering for my skin tone.  Also, I like how a concealer is included should you feel that you need extra coverage that day.  It provides pretty good general coverage while staying relatively light on the skin.

The Bad

The cream has a slight minty scent and it’s not too bad, I think it’d be better unscented.

Before is on the left and after on the right. The red pigmentation is hidden away after using the BB

Final Thoughts

In comparison to Missha, the colour is more natural but the former has more colours to choose from and stronger coverage.  For an every day look, the Face Shop’s Oil Cut Dual BB Emusion is the way to go!

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