Signs of Aging

Everyone knows the early signs of age includes loss of skin elasticity, dull skin, wrinkles, and even fine lines.  Normally intuition says look at the face, but there are specific places to look – the eyes, the neck, and the hands.

Wrinkles around the eyes usually start appearing at the corners, and are better known as crow’s feet.  Smiling does not cause wrinkles, but frowning, smoking, sun exposure and genetics can all play a part, and they may appear as early as your 20s.  Thus, it is important to use sunglasses, particularly bigger ones that provides more coverage and can wrap around the face properly.  Apply eye cream and keeping the area moisturized can help too.

Our necks often get neglected in favour of other body parts, but as with all our other skin, it is exposed to the elements.  The skin around the neck is thin and it is even more susceptible to the dangers of the sun.  Further, as we age, the tissues underneath the neck changes and become unable to support the skin above it causing wrinkles and sagging – the effects are worsened with unprotected sun exposure.  As prevention, we should moisturize it daily (always stroking upwards), and apply sunscreen when going out.

I have an obsession with applying hand cream, but for those who don’t, take note!  Next to our face and neck, our hands are the most commonly exposed body part to others.  As with the neck, the skin on our hand is thin and very susceptible to again.  As quoted from Gregory Buford, MD, a Denver plastic surgeon:

“There is very little fat on the backs of the hands, so when even a small amount of collagen or elastin fibers begins to break down — which is part of the normal aging process and partly from sun exposure — it’s going to have a noticeable impact on your hands,”

As for prevention, again moisturizing and sunscreen are key!  As much as Paris Hilton looks great tanned, I think her hard party lifestyle is catching up to her and her age is starting to show.

Sources: iVillage, Dr. Perricone, WebMD

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  1. Olivia says:

    Great post! I never thought about the neck til now…

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