Shiseido Warehouse Sale

Yesterday I woke up bright and early to head to Shiseido’s Warehouse sale in Markham.  I always thought that it was invite only so I’ve never gone, although it turns out that only the first day is invite and the rest were open to the public.  I anticipated that there would be lineups, but how long I didn’t know.  Given that the weather forecast said it would be raining, I figured there wouldn’t be many people so I decided to go there around 8 am and wait an hour for it to open.

I didn’t end up getting there til 8:15 and what a lineup there was.  The crowd consisted mainly of Asian people (no surprise there).  This is a picture I took halfway through the lineup.  I suppose I was lucky that it wasn’t raining, though I did have to wait 2 hours to get in.

I was hoping to get some stuff from the Bio-performance line for my mom, but it was all sold out!  There was plenty of the other lines, such as White Lucent, The Skincare, Pureness and Benefiance.  They also carried a variety of salon shampoo and conditioner brands like Joico, Shiseido and NARS makeup, as well as Issey Mikake perfume.

In comparison to the L’Oreal warehouse sales I’ve been to in the past, this sale had a much more limited selection of makeup products (of course, L’Oreal does carry more brands…) though I did manage to snatch up some eyeshadows and a blush.

NARS blush – $15
Shiseido 4 colour eye palette – $8
NARS single – $8

I also stocked up enough skincare products to last me another year!!

Shiseido makeup bag – $2
Facial cotton – $6
White Lucent moisturizing gel – $30
White Lucent brightening protective moisturizer – $30
White Lucent brightening refining softener light – $30
White Lucent brightening cleansing foam – $23
The Skincare eye moisture recharge – $30

I also got some shampoo and conditioner.  With taxes and everything, I spent a total of $280 (I already cut down on a lot already too)!  No more skincare shopping for the next while!

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