Shiseido Gift With Purchase

In anticipation of spring and summer’s arrival as well as to replenish supplies, I went last week to buy some more Shiseido White Lucent face creams since they have been working so well.  Lucky for me, they were having a gift with purchase promotion and the even better part?  The gift contained the White Lucent line’s eye cream, day cream and softener – the line of products I was already using!  I also received a foundation, a face cream from the anti-aging bio-performance line, and a large sized makeup bag.

I got myself the Brightening Protective Emulsion with SPF 15 for the day and the Brightening Moisturizing Cream for the night.  I’m particularly excited for the emulsion as it would be nice in the summer to apply something a little lighter and feels fresher.  I wished they contained a stronger SPF than just 15 though.

A closer look at my goodies

I’m also looking forward to trying the brightening eye cream as it had very good reviews, and won multiple awards, including Allure’s Award for Best Eye Cream for Dark Circles.  If it works, it’ll be my next eye cream purchase!

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5 Responses to Shiseido Gift With Purchase

  1. ChristineC says:

    The gift looks good! Where did you get it from? Is it over already?

    • WinnieK says:

      Hi Christine,

      I live in Canada, so I got it from the Bay. The promo’s on for another week if you’re interested.


  2. lychee says:

    Hi they are having this special also in San Francisco . They are having presale right now but the event should start on the 15th. you must purchase 2 products from the skincare line (any two) and for each two you get one set of this.

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  4. WinnieK says:

    Hi lychee. I’m surprised that San Fran has the same giveaway. Usually the ones in the States are better than Canada (from my experience)

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