Pure + Simple Spa Review

From October 27 to November 6, Yorkville had a Beautylicious week featuring discount deals on its spas, salons and beauty/wellness.  After all the stress I was feeling from the new job, I decided to treat myself to a facial at Pure+Simple Spa.  I figured out of all the spas in Toronto, the Yorkville ones would likely be one of the best?  Although if you recall, my last experience at AXIspa was mixed.

I made the booking a bit late so the Yorkville location was booked full, but as a special promo all their other locations were going to match the discounted prices!  Pure+Simple has a total of four locations across the city.  I ended up going to the one at 725 King St West, located a block west of King and Bathurst.  I opted for the Urban Renewal Facial, which was described as follows:

  • Urban Renewal Facial (75 minutes): Relax and unwind with Pure+Simple’s most popular facial! Using only the best in natural and organic skin care, this facial includes a full length classic facial, two step mask procedure and an arm, foot and scalp massage

Originally priced at $99, it was on sale for $75 – which is an okay deal (you basically save on tip and tax).

It’s located on the ground floor of an older looking brown building.  Upon entering the spa, I was greeted by the receptionist who offered me a seat and a paper to fill my details including skincare history.  Tea/water was also available while you wait.  The spa is much smaller than some of the other spas I’ve been to, with just two treatment rooms.  There was an entire wall of makeup products, and another wall of their in-house brand facial products.

Inside the treatment room, the facilities were clean.  The esthetician was professional and made sure ask me about my current skin condition and any other problems in order to tailor the facial to my skincare needs.  I particularly enjoyed having a hot lightly scented towel pressed on my face – how relaxing!  My massage was also quite enjoyable, that I wished it was a full body instead of just the arms, legs and head.

While doing the facial, I decided to have my eyebrows waxed while I was at it.  Pure+Simple offers a “Pine Resin Wax” which is supposed reduce redness and discomfort. The esthetician actually did a great job with the brows – not too thin nor too thick.  As an added bonus, the wax worked as advertised and my skin looked fine with just minimal if no redness at all.

My skin was absolutely glowing after the facial, that I even got compliments the day after.  Also, no cuts on my face!  Hurray!

One thing I particularly liked about this spa is the fact that they weren’t pushy to sell their products post-treatment.  Conversely, my conversation post-treatment with the esthetician was quite informative and I was given time to browse their products at my own pace if I chose to do so.

I would give it a perfect rating, but one thing that I felt they could improve on was the treatment room’s soundproofing.  Throughout my facial, I could hear noise outside of the room which overshadowed the spa’s ambiance.  Perhaps their walls simply weren’t thick enough?

If I had the money, I’d definitely come back (though perhaps to the Yorkville location just to compare the experience).

Rating: 4.5/5

Picture Credit: FabuouslyBroke
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