Philosophy Hope in a Jar

I have always found Philosophy to be an interesting brand, selling various lines of skin care products, makeup, bath and body and even fragrances.  I think they do a very good job in naming their products with fragrances like amazing grace and falling in love, to their skin care lines including Miracle Worker, When Hope is Not Enough, and of course Hope in a Jar.  Their slogan is “Philosophy: Believe in Miracles”.  I wish for miracles all the time in my everyday life ;)

Hope in a Jar sounds very promising from its product philosophy: Where there is hope there can be faith.  Where there is faith miracles can occur.  In the product description, it is described to be a lightweight moisturizer, with antioxidant protection, and improves skin tone and texture.  Further, it was on Oprah’s list of favourite things 2010, as quoted “It’s hands down the best moisturizer I’ve ever used”.  Oprah is practically a god, so what she says must be true right?

I’ve tried Hope in a Jar a few times, and every time my initial reaction is:
1. It smells terrible – why did I put this on?
2. The product is very thick!

However, surprisingly it is not greasy and it does absorb well if you give it enough time.  Also it’s not very expensive retailing for only $38 for a 2 oz.

I  have a good friend friend that has regular-severe eczema swears by this face cream and has been using it for years, so I would recommend it for people with sensitive or very dry skin like hers.  She does have nice skin tone and texture (as the eczema is on her body and not the face fortunately for her), so maybe the claims are true.

For myself with combination skin, as much as I like a good moisturizer, this is one miracle that did not work for me.  I’ve tried it multiple times, and it feels too heavy and the smell is a turn off (I prefer to smell fresh, thank you very much)!

Have you experienced any Philosophy miracles?

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3 Responses to Philosophy Hope in a Jar

  1. CW says:

    the stars are a nice touch ^__^

  2. SMa says:

    hahaha isn’t this the one you borrowed from me? except i use the SPF version

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