Muji Travel Organizers

I’ve always been a fan of Muji – a Japanese “no brand” company that sells unbranded household supplies and clothes.  However, though their products are simple and plain, I find they tend to be more expensive than your average similar “unbranded” products.

From my last trip to Muji, I was drooling over the travel bags.  They were so well designed and would be perfect for someone like me to organize and fit all the skincare and cosmetics I need for small trips.

As a souvenir, my boyfriend got me the zipper travel bags complete with the Muji branded plastic bottles to match!  They have other styles, but this was my preferred design.

The Muji Travel Bags

So I’ll start with the smaller bag first.  My set came with 4 tall bottles and one short screw cap one, along with tools to insert and extract my various creams and liquids into the bottles.  The bag has four compartments, one on the outside back (not shown), two zipper compartments and one large hold-all complete with elastics to hold those bottles firmly in place.  There is a hook at the end so the bag can be hung up if you so preferred.

Next, is the bigger bag which is more or less the same as the smaller with some additional features.  There is an extra zipper compartment (top left picture) for one to hold small nick knacks.  My boyfriend got me the larger bottles to match the larger case, and an elastic exists in the upper meshed compartment to hold things firmly in place.  There is also mesh pockets on either side of the large general section (as seen from top right picture)

Overall, the little plastic bottles and the bag seem to be well made, and I’m sure to use the travel set in years to come.  I was honestly surprised the bf got me the matching little bottles too as they are sold individually and don’t come cheap!  Can you blame me if I want to go on a trip right now and try my new stuff out? Exciting times are ahead!

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