I have been a dedicated UGG wearer since 2006.  Since then, I have amassed quite a collection, consisting of a tall black studded boot, a short eggplant coloured boot, a short chestnut coloured boot, a tall pink boot… my  only issue with them is that they are not waterproof.  I’ve used the leather protection sprays, but to no avail.  My boots are totally soaked at least once a winter season, on those cold wet slushy days.  Did I mention they also require a lot of maintenance, to wipe and clean weekly or else the leather is ruined and they look like shit?

Last winter, I tried going with the rain boot trend for the winter, but that didn’t exactly work even with extra socks as my rain boots did not have adequate insulation.  I thought about getting Sorels, Skerrys, Pajars, or even Hunters but then I came across Moov boots.

Not only are they easy to clean and practical with its waterproof outer shell, Moov boots are actually stylish and come in a range of intricate and beautiful patterns. Unlike the other brands of rubber rain boots above, Moov boots are lined with Australian Merino sheepskin lining which allows the wearer feels warm and luxurious.  Two seasons ago, Ugg had sold rubber rainboots as well but they weren’t very nice so I didn’t get them.

I admit they are not cheap priced at $300 USD, so I decided to wait.  While browsing online recently at the PeacockParade, I came across a Moov boot flash sale and they were 50% off the retail price!  I ordered the boots in the Queens of Babylon print and they finally arrived this week!

Me and my new boots!!!

They are actually quite heavy duty, and seems to be well made.  Although the exterior is rubber, my ankles didn’t feel constricted.

A close up shot

Apparently, there are built-in heat reflective foil in the rubber soles to repel the cold from the ground and retain heat during colder temperatures.  I honestly can’t wait for the snow to come so that I can start wearing these babies!

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