Missha M Signature Real Complete BB Cream Review

Missha is amongst the top three BB cream brands in Korea, so when I came across it at the Korean cosmetics store a few weeks ago, I couldn’t pass it up and just had to buy it.  On Missha’s US site, it is described as the Hypoallergenic BB Cream and it retails for approximately $46 USD.

The packaging is solid as it is enclosed in hard plastic, with a dispensing pump on the end.  The subtle floral design adds a nice touch.  Missha’s Signature BB Cream comes in 3 colours – light milk beige, light pink beige and natural yellow beige.  The saleslady recommended the light pink beige for me which looks like this:

The BB cream spreads very well, and a little bit goes a long way to provide coverage for the entire face.  According to Missha’s website, this particular BB is best for:

My before and after:

The Good

As you can see, my skin texture is more even and the colour visibly brighter. The coverage is excellent as my under eye dark circles, acne scars, and pigmentation are significantly diminished.  I normally like the more natural, less is more makeup approach, and I find that BB cream works well to replace foundation when I’m looking for a more natural amount of coverage.  Further it is very moisturizing, which is a bonus in the dry Canadian winters.  As it also contains SPF, I can skip the sunscreen altogether!

Note that you should take a minute or two for the BB cream to settle in and blend with your skin before evaluating results.

The Bad

My only wish for this BB cream is that it feels lighter.  Some reviewers said that using Missha caused them to break out.  This this happen for me personally, but overall, by face does feel oilier at the end of the day on days I use BB cream.

Final Thoughts

Although there are some cons, I think the pros far outweigh the cons.  Missha’s Signature Real Complete BB Cream really brings out the beauty of my skin, and it’s definitely my go-to product to achieve the “all natural” flawless skin look.

Although it is priced at $46, you can definitely get it for cheaper.  I paid only $30, which is very reasonable and cheaper than a lot of mainstream cosmetic brands’ foundations.

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