Marni H&M – Toronto Launch

I was quite excited about the Marni H&M collection.  I’ve always liked their accessories, but they are so expensive, at $300 even on sale!  I actually took the day off two weeks ago in anticipation of waking up early and heading downtown to line up.  However, as the date got closer, I got more on the fence about lining up.  I honestly do not need any more new clothes, but the chance to own a Marni at discount prices was too tempting.  Plus it’s an annual tradition with my friends (H&M x Jimmy Choo, H&M x Lanvin, H&M x Sonia Rykiel, H&M x Matthew Williamson…!!!)  We’ve been to a lot of these over the years.

It’s funny because I normally do not shop at H&M as I find their general quality cheap, but their designer collaborations are usually very nice just a little more expensive.

The website instructions said the stores open at 10, so the original plan was to head downtown to the Eaton Centre by 7 am and wait in line for 3 hours.  I didn’t want to go downtown on my day off only to wake up early and stand in the rain, so we changed plans to go to Yorkdale Mall instead by 9:30.

When I got there at 9:15, the mall was quiet and there was no line up!  As I entered H&M though, I realized that the major crowds were all gone and the racks were half empty!  The blue polka dot suit, the maxi dress, leather top, the accessories… they were basically all gone.  Aside from the accessories, I surprisingly managed to grab all the major items that I’d really wanted, either from the racks or leftover sizes in the changeroom!

I was too excited and I forgot to take pictures while at Yorkdale, but this is my haul:

Marni H&M

According to some of the salespeople in the other stores that saw our bags, people were already there at Yorkdale lining up at 6 am, so I’m actually very surprised I got there so late and got almost everything I wanted in my size!

Another friend of mine ended up going to Eaton’s and apparently they kept putting stuff out!  I probably could’ve gotten everything if I went downtown, but I would’ve spent more so maybe it’s for the best. :)

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