MAC Warehouse Sale 2012

My friend was sweet enough to invite me to MAC’s 2012 Summer Warehouse Sale, on the Markham Fairgrounds.  It was my first time to a MAC Warehouse Sale, so I was pretty excited!  My only problem is that I have a tendency to spend a little too much while I’m at these sales.

The sale started on Saturday, so when we got there first thing Sunday morning, some of the really good stuff was already sold out such as the Bobbi Brown foundations and MAC false lashes mascara.

The sale opened at 9 am.  When we arrived at around 9:20, while there was a lineup, the line moved pretty fast and we waited only around 10 minutes.  My friend said last time she came to the MAC sale in the wintertime, she got there at 6 am and waited 4-5 hours to get in!  How insane are these people!

The warehouse was divided into three rooms, and the product brands were generally all mixed together, but with sections for makeup, fragrance, and skincare.

MAC Warehouse Sale

In terms of brands and selection:
Clinique – a good variety of skincare, makeup and fragrances
Estee Lauder – some skincare , more makeup and fragrances
MAC – a ton of skincare and makeup (especially pigments and shadows),
Bumble and Bumble – a good variety of shampoos and conditioners, some hairspray and styling products
Bobbi Brown – pretty limited selection of makeup and skincare
Origins – a good variety of their products
Good Skin Labs – there was a section of their products

Then, a variety of fragrances including DKNY, Sean John, Michael Kors and Coach.  I wasn’t really into getting a perfume/cologne, so I didn’t look too closely.

Unlike the L’Oreal sale where you tell the person I want X and Y from the table in front of the boxes, at the MAC sale you simply write down the number for the products you want, and they bag it for you.

I controlled myself (relatively), and after filtering out my selection, came out $200 poorer with the following:

It doesn’t look like a lot huh?  How did it come to $200? My friend only ended up spending $30!  I was in shock!

I was looking for the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray, but I got the Bb. Texture Hair (Un) Dressing Cream ($20) as an alternative.  It’s supposed to give the undone look, so I’m pretty excited to try it.

I also decided it was time to invest in a travel brush set from Bobbi Brown ($45).  I’ve been running back and forth with my full sized brushes for too long and they were slowly getting ruined in my makeup bag.

At $25 for the Clinique Pore Set, it really was a steal considering the pore correcting serum on its own typically costs $40 at regularly.  I’ve been using the correcting serum for a while and I like the effect, so I figured why not?

Funny enough, I ended up only getting a few MAC makeup items – a matte blue eye shadow ($12) in Prussian, a nail polish ($9) in Festive Finery, and two mascaras ($12 each).

I’ve always wanted to try dry shampoo, so I picked one up.  In retrospect, $8 for such a tiny bottle is a bit pricey no?  I could get a large sized Pantene bottle for $4 when it’s on sale.

Upon exit, you could pay $5 for a goody bag of two MAC body lotions with the money going to charity, but I don’t really NEED body lotion so I let it pass.  I wished it was like previous years, and you get MAC lashes and makeup instead.

I also got a free full sized eye cream from Good Labs upon exit!  The face cream (on the left) I got on my own at $25 to try.

Overall, a pretty satisfying experience!

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