Laneige Snow BB Cream Review

I’ve had the Laneige Snow BB Cream since last fall, but I find myself using the Missha and Faceshop BBs so much more as they offer much more coverage, but more on that later.

I decided to try the Laneige because I’d use their skincare products before and quite liked them, and as they have a full makeup line, I figure it couldn’t be too bad.  The sales girl at the store (who was pretty and had nice skin) told me she was wearing it, so I figured why not give it a try?

The Laneige BB cream contains the following properties:

  • anti-aging
  • whitening
  • SPF 41

The BB cream comes in two shades, a darker one in a matte colour and a lighter one with a hint of shimmer.  Based on the salesperson, I was better suited for the lighter shade.  Plus, as she added, wouldn’t I rather glow under the cold of the harsh Canadian winters?  She does have a point.

The back of the container

Note that one has the shake the container prior to using as the solution tends to be a bit watery.  Even shaken, the liquid on its own is more on the runny side than other BBs that I’ve used, though it spreads well like a skin emulsion/lotion emulating a pleasant smell as I spread it across my face.

After shaking the container, it comes out well.


  • Coming from Laneige, a well known skin care company, the Snow BB Cream is very moisturizing and does not disappoint on that front.
  • The product smells great
  • Easy to spread and apply


  • It is very light on the amount of coverage it provides.

Case in point, the redness is my cheeks is lighter but it’s not enough to hide it from view.  My face does look nicer, brighter and it seems that I have a nicer complexion, but it does not offer much more else.

If you just want very light coverage that very moisturizing, then this may be the product for you.  For me, I find that it does not offer me enough coverage but it’s great if you just want a hint of coverage with a small glow!

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