Lancome Primordiale

In my endless quest for wrinkle prevention, I purchased Lancome’s Primordiale Night Skin Recharge, a night cream from Lancome’s wrinkle prevention line aimed for younger skin.  At the time, I alternated between this at night and the Biotherm by day as I figured, might as well have some anti-wrinkle than none at all!

Primordiale?  What a mouthful!

To start, this stuff is not cheap, retailing for $68 per 1.7 oz or 50 ml in the States and $91 in Canada (how unfair is that?).  The only reason why I brought it in the first place, other than my curiosity to try it, was my friend’s 30% discount off the retail price.

What I liked about it is that it works very well as a cream, providing me with just the right amount of moisture I needed overnight for my skin to feel refreshed the next morning.  The primordiale cream is lightly scented, but it goes away relatively quickly.  It’s a little on the heavier side, but for use in the evenings at home and sleeping it doesn’t matter so much.  Further, for those like myself that can never catch enough ZzzZs, I recently learned that a heavier night cream year round is actually better, as a lack of sleep results in dry skin!

I didn’t notice any fine lines reducing, though mind you, my lines aren’t that deep anyways.  Lancome also states that it tightens pores with 3 day use, but the results weren’t blatantly apparent to me.

To be honest, I quite liked this cream for its moisturizing and smoothing effects, and would probably buy it again if given the chance. It works to prevent wrinkles, not creating miracles so don’t expect too much on that end.  However, if you’re not willing to fork over $70 every 4-6 months for a good moisturizer (depending on your usage), I suggest you use a different brand.

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