Kiehl’s Abyssine Lotion

So I blogged earlier about Kiehl’s Abyssine Cream.  Guess what?  I’ve also used the lotion version!  Surprise surprise!  This is the remnants of my finished bottle.

What can I say?  Although it is lighter than the cream, it is definitely still very moisturizing.  There’s a light herbal scent that fades quickly.  I usually only use lotions in the summer, so having SPF is definitely a plus, although I’m not sure why the Abyssine cream has a higher SPF (at SPF 23).  The little plastic bottle it comes in looks tiny, but surprisingly it actually contains 75 ml/2.5 oz of product.  Plus, at $43 it’s cheaper than the cream by $2!  Given it’s quite rich for a lotion, you only need 2-3 squirts and so it can last on minimum, a good half year.

The con?  I’m not convinced about it’s anti-aging properties.  The Abyssine Lotion promises to minimize fine lines and wrinkles.  Mind you, I do have wrinkles on my forehead and they did not noticeably get better.

The concept is appealing though – SPF and anti-wrinkle for the win!  I wouldn’t rule out buying it again, but it’s not on my top restock list either.

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