H&M Conscious Collection 2012

I thought I’d really like the new conscious collection when it launched out last Thursday April 12th, but it was sadly kind of a letdown. I loved last year’s conscious collection – the fresh white dresses, crochet and scalloped shorts.

It kind of reminded of of their Garden Collection (which I also loved) that came out earlier in 2010 and also focused on the use of sustainable materials.  I picked up the white version of the red dress and I still get tons of compliments to this day.

I think it’s great that H&M came out with the Conscious Red Carpet collection – you can look great with sustainable materials and just in time for prom!  However, all five of the dresses I tried on looked weird.  I was especially disappointed with the two piece black and white number for a total of $70 – I couldn’t even get it on as it wouldn’t stretch to fit my arms through..  The floral dress ($80) I was so looking forward to was strange at the bust due to its thick and largely robust material.  It would probably fit nicely on someone much more endowed then myself.  The straps were also flimsy as they were made of ribbon.  The purple dress was actually really gorgeous for $70, with an open back and beautiful floral detail, but again with the “but”, the sleeves looked strange in real life.

I was hoping to try the crazy gown and the green dress on as well, but sadly they were gone in my size by the time I got to the mall slightly before the lunch time rush.

The rest of the collection was pretty, but nothing really stood out at me, except the pink crochet shorts which I gladly picked up.  Funny thing is that they have lining this year!  Last year’s Conscious Collection also featured crochet shorts sans lining.  Maybe next year H&M!

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