Fruits and Passion Body Butter Review

I never paid too much attention to Fruits and Passion, and in fact have never entered their stores all my life until a friend gave me one of their body washes as a birthday present. The body wash was in Grapefruit Guava scent – I’m a huge fan of fruity scents and it was wonderfully refreshing.

Normally, I wouldn’t use body butter, but last winter in desperate need to hydrate my skin, I got the Fruits and Passion body butter in grapefruit guava. Similar to their body wash, the cream smells great though it is very thick and probably the heaviest I’ve ever used. Initially sticky, it surprisingly absorbs very well with a nice hint of grapefruit after scent.

The only con is that it’s pretty expensive, even on sale, it was $10 for 200 ml! I say it was nice to splurge, but I wouldn’t use it on a daily basis! If you can afford it, highly recommended for dry skin!

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