Garnier Face Cleansing Cloths Review

The disposable face cleansing cloths are great for people on the go, as they are already pre-moist, you simply have wipe to clean your face and you’re done, with no additional steps to wash off any residues.  Sounds good in theory, but do they work like they intend?

Most recently, I’ve been using Garnier’s Refreshing Remover Cleansing Towelettes with mixed results.  It is advertised as an oil-free cleansing cloth that instantly removes makeup, even mascara, and no rinse is required afterwards.

The main problem I find with it is that it’s not effective enough in removing all the dirt and makeup residue that remains.

Case in point, I used toner after the Garnier cleansing cloth, and there was still quite a bit of makeup on my face as you can see from the cotton! The one below is even worse!

The above is the eye makeup cleansing.  Pretty dark as well.

Good thing I bought the Garnier wipes from a garage sale, so it does make me feel better!

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