Dr. Jart Black Label BB Cream Review

Dr. Jart Black Label

One of my new favourite BB creams is currently Dr. Jart’s Black Label Detox Healing BB Cream.  As per Dr. Jart’s website, makes your skin look natural, smooth and perfect!  It gets pretty close to be honest.  The Black Label BB cream contains multiple functions, with SPF25, whitening, anti aging and moisturizing properties.

Colour-wise, it contains pinkish undertones compared to the other Dr. Jart BB products.

What I particularly like about this particular BB is that it offers a good amount of coverage, without causing breakouts and oily skin, especially now that I’ve been using it while out on the hot summer streets.  Like other BB creams, I only need a little product to cover the entire face and it blends nicely with my skin tone.  It feels a bit sticky initially, but the feeling quickly goes away.

The product stays very well throughout the whole day.

After using Dr Jart’s Black Label BB cream, my face looks immediately clearer and the skin tone is more even.  My blemishes are better covered!

Here’s a before (on the left) and after (on the right):

I know it may be hard to tell, but if you look carefully at the closeup of the before and after shot, my pores are visibly concealed and the skin appears much smoother after applying the BB cream.

I believe BB cream is an awesome lighter alternative to foundation, and with all the bonus properties, it’s almost an all in one moisturizer/makeup/sunscreen!  I know there are a tone of other brands in the market right now for BBs, but give Dr. Jart’s Black label a try.  It’s currently my go-to can’t live without item in my daily beauty routine!

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