GASP Demi Moore with wrinkles!

As a side note, I couldn’t resist but make a post on this.  Demi Moore seems to be the perfect example of finding the fountain of youth.  This year, she will be 49 yet she never looks a day over 30!

For years, there have been rumours regarding her plastic surgery use.  She address them in an article last year where she finally admitted to plastic surgery but has denied that she’s had anything done on her face.

Well she may be telling the truth as seen at the 2011 Costume Designers Guild Awards held in Beverly Hills yesterday.

Demi Moore with Ashton Klutcher at the Costume Designers Guild Awards 2011

To be honest, this is the first picture I’ve seen where her wrinkles are noticeably visible and so I am honestly shocked that she looked this much older.  Has she suddenly aged, a bad angle, or her botox is wearing off?  For comparison purposes, this is how she looked like last year while at the 2010 Oscars.

Is it just the angle or it's just me?

The wrinkles seem to protrude more this year?

Overall, she still looks smoking (just that I noticed the wrinkles).  If I were 49 and I looked that good? Damn I’d be hooking up with hot younger men too if I were single.

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One Response to GASP Demi Moore with wrinkles!

  1. Maria says:

    Hi Jealous,

    To add to your post, she’s rumored to have spent over 100K over the years in cosmetic surgery!


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