Cyst Removal

I’ve had a whitehead like dot on the right side of my cheek near the nose for a while now, and no matter how much pimple cream I put on it, it doesn’t seem to go away. It normally gets covered up by makeup, so I’ve never bothered to get it checked.

A few months ago, I suddenly noticed a large white pimple-like dot on the inside corner of my left eye.  It doesn’t bother my vision and it generally gets covered up by makeup, however given it’s size, I looked into getting it removed.

I made an appointment at AvantDerm, a dermatology and cosmetic clinic located in the heart of the distillery district of downtown Toronto.

If I didn’t know the address, I probably would’ve passed it not knowing it was the fanciest doctor’s office I’ve seen in my life ever.  The interior was modern and looked like it came straight from a trendy hair salon or magazine publishing office.

After a short wait, I finally saw the doctor and he determined they were both cysts!  With some deliberation, I decided to get them removed on the same day in the fanciest surgical room I’ve ever seen.

My eyes were closed so I couldn’t see the procedure per say, but for the cyst close to the eye, I felt the doctor make a minor incision to squeeze the contents out.  My eye was sore, bruised and a little swollen, but the bump from the cyst was definitely removed.  For the other that was on my face, it was removed with an electrical needle which was a faster procedure.  There was just a few zaps and it was gone!  I did have a small scab that I took home with me.

Two weeks later, and my eye is back to normal as if I never had a cyst to begin with.  The doctor assured that the scab on my face would fall off in a few days.  It was closer to a week and a half when it finally did come off.  I have a small red scar from it, but it’s slowly healing and I’m confident that it will go away with time.

Although it was $200, in my opinion it was well worth it.  You gain more confidence as you feel better about yourself and how you look.  Thanks Avantderm!  Maybe I will come back in 20 years for botox!

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