Cuticle Cream

The other day, a friend lent me their Burt’s Bees’ Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme to try.  I’ve stayed away this brand after my disappointing lip balm purchase, but how could I say no to a free opportunity to moisturize?

The jar is small and compact, but I guess that’s all you need given there’s not much skin on the cuticles anyways.  The product’s consistency is quite thick (as it is made of beeswax) and I really had to go around it a few times to feel like I had something, but it wasn’t overly greasy.  Surprisingly, upon application my cuticles felt moist and fresh right away – the lemon scent helped too.

To back up, as much as I love to moisturize my hands, my focus isn’t my nails or the skin surrounding it.  In fact, my only interaction with my cuticles is when I go for manicures and they get pushed back.  It turns out that cuticles are dead and compressed keratin cells (a type of structural protein),  which plays a very important role in protecting our nails from bacteria, yeast and fungus.  Our daily routines and the environment can have a negative affect on our often overlooked cuticles, causing dryness, peeling and in a worse case scenario, bacterial infection.  A good way of prevention is of course the use of cuticle cream to keep them moisturized and protected.  It’s also nice that it keeps our fingers looking better.

For $6 a jar,  not only is it decently priced for a product that can last months but it keeps your hands moisturized and looking young.  A good buy if you ask me!

Source:  findarticles, buzzle
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  1. Derek says:

    There’s cuticle cream? Who knew, but my boyfriend would love this stuff. Thanks!

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