Cream Shelf Life

My mother is a pack rat and refuses to throw anything away.  In our washroom contains face creams and toners from 20+ years ago of which she hasn’t touched for years, and most likely expired.  One year I attempted to throw them away only to have her rescue them from the garbage, so that she can use them now as body lotions instead.

I’m sure we have all encountered expired face creams and other beauty products, some signs which include:
- a change in colour
- a change in product consistency
- a change in smell

Not only could this mean bacterial growth, but that the product’s the active ingredient (whether it is anti-aging or whitening) may have diminished in effectiveness.

Manufacturers of most beauty creams actually provide guidance on recommended product life from the time it is opened by an opened jar symbol on the back, with the number of months in the middle.  A sample of what I had at home ranged from 6 months to 2 years.

Mind you, if the product hasn’t finished, I would probably extend the life myself for another few months, but it’s good to have a reference to compare against!

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