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L’Oreal Sale Toronto

The L’Oreal Warehouse Sale is in Toronto again… and it started today!  Guess who was lucky enough to go on the first day? I haven’t been to the L’Oreal sale for a while because the tickets are hard to come … Continue reading

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Pure + Simple Spa Review

From October 27 to November 6, Yorkville had a Beautylicious week featuring discount deals on its spas, salons and beauty/wellness.  After all the stress I was feeling from the new job, I decided to treat myself to a facial at Pure+Simple … Continue reading

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Occupy Wall Street: Rocawear Style

I don’t know if any of you have been following the news on Occupy Wall St and how the movement has spread, but I think it’s great when celebrities drop by and give more publicity to the cause.  I have … Continue reading

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Facial Results

From my previous post when I went for a facial, I was pretty worried about the three cuts on my left cheek as a result of the extractions.  Fast forward two weeks and they have all faded now for the … Continue reading

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Comfort Zone Skincare

As a result of my days with horrible acne in the teenage years, not only has my nose been scarred with large open pores that won’t go away, but blackheads and whiteheads have remained especially in the T-zone. The other … Continue reading

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My Spa Facial

I love long weekends, but it’s so sad when they end. To treat myself (because I felt that I deserve it), I went for a facial today at AxiSpa, with a discount coupon that I purchased for 1/2 off with Fabfind … Continue reading

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Cream Shelf Life

My mother is a pack rat and refuses to throw anything away.  In our washroom contains face creams and toners from 20+ years ago of which she hasn’t touched for years, and most likely expired.  One year I attempted to … Continue reading

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Why use night cream?

This morning, a thought suddenly occurred to me – why do we have both day and night cream and what is the difference between the two? Day creams tend to be lighter in comparison to its night counterpart because we run around … Continue reading

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GASP Demi Moore with wrinkles!

As a side note, I couldn’t resist but make a post on this.  Demi Moore seems to be the perfect example of finding the fountain of youth.  This year, she will be 49 yet she never looks a day over … Continue reading

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How to get smooth skin

If I were ever to go on Survivor and meet Jeff Probst, my one novelty item would be lotion.  Why?  It’s my pet peeve to have dry flaky skin.  Lots of people go out and buy clothes to be fashionable, workout to … Continue reading

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