Bobbi Brown Cream

I’m a huge fan of Bobbi Brown cosmetics (their concealer works wonders) and makeup brushes are wonderful.  A year ago, my friend got me the Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream for my birthday but I didn’t start using it until recent months.

I didn’t know what to expect as Bobbi Brown is better known for their cosmetics than skincare products, but I was pleasantly surprised by the effects.  Although it does not contain any properties to diminish dark circles nor fine lines, it is in fact quite moisturizing and absorbs very well into the skin.  Unlike other water or gel based eye products I’ve used in the past, this is definitely on the creamy side, but it is very light and you only really need to apply a little bit each time.  Further, it is scent-free.

My daily morning eye cream process ^__^

I use Bobbi Brown’s hydrating eye cream in the morning before concealer.  In addition to its moisturizing properties, the best part is that it works well as a primer that creates a smooth surface for the application of concealer!  My concealer has never gone on so well, and there is less “caking” during the day.

At $46 a jar, it is not exactly cheap but there are other brands selling for much more.   Personally, I really like this product and why not pay a little more for something that works really well?  I would definitely consider buying it for myself when the one I’m using runs out.

My only complaint is that it does work to fight wrinkles and dark circles,  but that’s why I use a separate eye cream at night that can do all of those things!

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  1. ChristineC says:

    I use Urban Decay’s primer for the eye lids, but an under eye primer looks interesting too

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