Bath and Body Works Hand Cream

My hand cream of the moment is currently ones in Bath and Body Works’ Signature Collection line.  For some reason, I’ve always been particularly more attracted to the scents and packaging provided at Bath and Body Works versus other skin care shops like the Body Shop or Fruits and Passion.

I love that it’s a good size for my purse, it smells nice, moisturizes well and is non-greasy.  It meets all my basic hand cream requirements!

Again, it’s a little more expensive ranging from $6 each when you buy it on sale, to as much as $10 regular price for only 2.5 oz, but I believe hand creams is one of those things that is okay to splurge on  given the quantity applied isn’t too much per use.  Plus, it feels good to smell good too!

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3 Responses to Bath and Body Works Hand Cream

  1. Faith Durbin says:

    omg i love bath and body! the scents in the store can be overwhelming, but i love their products! especially the anti-bacterial hand soap line

  2. Sage Pigott says:

    B&B creams are all I use

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