Aveeno Intense Relief Medicated Therapy for the Lips

One of the places that I get dry first are my lips, so while other people can’t live without their lip gloss, I honestly cannot live without my lip balm.  In fact, it gets so dry sometimes that the skin on my lips become flaky and looks even worse with any type of lip colour added on.

I’ve used Aveeno Intense Relief Medicated Therapy on occasion to condition and moisturize my lips.  First off, the packaging’s design is pretty cool.  The dial to turn the applicator is on the top near the cap versus the bottom in most other brands.  Its level of moisture is pretty good and can last for hours.  Given it is in a solid state, the extra layer isn’t as thick in comparison to something like vaseline.

From their website:

These unique medicated lip conditioners provide soothing relief of extra-chapped, cracked lips and essential long-lasting moisturization. Enriched with a skin protectant to help protect and prevent dry chapped lips and medicated to soothe sore lips, these rich balms form a soothing, protective layer. And the exclusive combination of natural oatmeal and natural skin conditioners help restore moisture and lock it in long after applying.

Pros include compact size and easy application.  However, my one complaint is that I wished it included some SPF, although Aveeno’s Essential Moisture Lip Conditioner does contain SPF-15, it is not on the same moisture level.  I really do wish that they would produce an in-between.  Also, it doesn’t seem to last that long, for only 1-2 months until it’s finished.

Would I buy this again?  I wouldn’t rule it out, though it’s not a product I would actively seek out.

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5 Responses to Aveeno Intense Relief Medicated Therapy for the Lips

  1. Sage Pigott says:

    nice and thorough review!

  2. Kellye says:

    Can I ask where you purchased it? This is my favorite lip balm and I was under the impression that it’d been discontinued (although it’s listed on their site…) Thanks so much.

  3. WinnieK says:

    Hey Wendi,

    Last time I checked, I believe I can get both!


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