Anthropologie Dipped Nugget Coat

I had my eye on Anthropologie’s Dipped Nugget Coat, by Woolrich since I saw it in stores a few weeks back.  When it went on sale last week, I could not help by check it out in the store.  Of course, can you guess what happened next?  Obviously I bought it.  I initially had no intention of spending more money, but as I quote my friend “I love it, but you are asking a girl that spends $500 on a dress…”

Wearing it around today in 5 degrees Canadian fall weather, it was pretty chilly as I was wearing a short sleeved knitted shirt.  It’s quite roomy though, so it could more than fit a sweater inside.  I think I could be comfortable in this if I had more layers inside.  The coat is very cute, and it reminds me of a fall country day.

My major complaint is that it consists only of 56% wool with 27% polyester, 14% viscose and 3% nylon.  You’d think they would use more wool than that? -__-

From $428 to $299 on sale works out to be roughly 30% off.  I’m on the fence on this one.  I looked on Woolrich’s website and their normal outerwear is way cheaper than the style sold at Anthro, but then again it’s quite a nice fit and cut!  It’s also quite unique!  What to do…

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