Weekly Anthropologie Sale: Dresses!

So after a long hiatus, I’m back! I apologize for being away so long.  I suppose I was doing a bit of soul searching.

Anthropologie’s one of my favourite go-to stores for dresses.  It’s unique enough in Toronto, I love their patterns and frills, and they tend to have good customer service.  Mind you, their clothes can be a hit or miss and I’m very particular as to what I like there.  Some of it feels a bit hippy for my taste.

Last week I “happened” to be browsing, and came across two gorgeous dresses (both on sale).

This is the Adeleide Dress, which came in green and a dark navy.  Personally, I like the green more than the navy as it’s more unique. Originally retailing for $228, it was on sale for $99!

What i like about this dress is not only its bright colour, but its asymmetrical hemline is quite unique and the back drapes quite nicely.  For a hundred bucks, and in silk this is a pretty good buy.  Other online reviewers felt the dress fits on the large size and advised to size down 1-2 sizes.  I went with my normal size 2, and it fit fine!  I like the baggy look of shift dresses.  The only con I would say is that there is no lining.

Final verdict: a keeper

While I was at it, I also go the Lepidoptra dress.  The print was so pretty, with optional straps and I loved that it had a mesh lining inside for that extra volume girly-girl look.  Alas, it’s one of those statement dresses that you really can’t wear that often.  Also, the colour and the bright blue bow screamed summer wedding and I really have quite the collection amassed of Anthro’s summer print dresses so it had to go.  However, from $18o to $80 on sale, what a steal.  If I had a bigger closet and some more cash, say a year ago when I was younger and less wise with my money, I’d have kept it!

Final verdict: returned after some consideration

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