New York City – Day 4

After so many days of being on the go, we decide to finally “sleep in” today, which meant getting up at 10 to get ready for our 12:20 reservation at Momofuku Ko!

Talk about being hidden away!

Momofuku Ko is a little nondescript, you blink and you miss restaurant located seeming in the middle of nowhere. It seats a maximum of 12 people around the bar where you can see the chefs prepare the food, fresh in front of you.  It was interesting while we were there because a table of 2 was seated every 20 minutes or so, and so we saw the one chef preparing our next course, while also seeing how the other had initially prepared what we had just earlier.  There were a total of 3 chefs, and each specialized in preparing specific courses.

Unfortunately, no photos permitted of the food, but the food was absolutely fantastic and probably one of the best I’ve had in my life (also one of the most expensive).  I liked that the atmosphere was hipster casual, and that it was easy interact with the chefs first hand.  How often can you ask the chef questions as you are eating your meal?  The chefs also introduce each course personally, which is a nice touch.  I will also mention that they are also very generous with their alcohol servings!

Serene and I really wanted another pair of TOMS, and as there were quite a few licensed retailers around the area, we had a look around.  While our hunt for TOMS wasn’t particularly successful, we did find a mid-ranged a cute Korean-owned salon and took the afternoon for ourselves for a well-deserved mani-pedi.  I think it was honestly one of the best I’ve had, and it was only $30 with tax and tip!

With our fresh toes, we took the subway to Herald Square – a super busy area where the NYC Macys Flagship Store is located.  We walked a street down past Macys to arrive at Koreantown!  As we entered the street, on the corner was a young Korean church group, singing live!  We stopped by Pinkberry at long last for their famous yoghurt (it was honestly so good), then to the Faceshop to pick up a year’s worth of face masks!  At this point it was late afternoon, so we headed to the Guggenheim museum for free Saturday afternoon admission.

The Guggenheim was packed!  We picked up free audio guides and went on our way!  The exhibit of the day was Lee Ufan, a Korean minimalist painter and sculptor famous for his Monoha work. His work took over most of the museum and often consisted of rocks and sheet metal, though his paintings were inspiring.  I made my own Lee Ufan copy a month later. The Guggenheim also has a small permanent collection including some Monets.  Before we knew it, it was closing time so we headed back to the hotel to freshen up and pack before going for dinner.

Inside the Guggenheim, before the security said NO PICTURES!

Our last dinner selection was at Ippudo for Japanese ramen.  Although we arrived a little before 9, we didn’t get seated until a little more than an hour later!  The restaurant was still packed at 10 pm!  So crazy!  We sat by the bar in front of the kitchen and watched the chaos in front of us.  Everything looked so good that we ordered 3 appetizers to share (stuffed chicken wings, pork bun and fried chicken) and a ramen each!  Their pork buns were amazing and in my opinion better than Momofuku Ko!  Heaven!

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